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You can’t protect yourself if you don’t know what to look for. STD symptoms vary widely — some are obvious, some are hardly noticeable, and some STDs show no symptoms at all — meaning the only way you can be totally sure of your status is to get tested. Most STDs are treatable or manageable, but not without professional help.

Symptoms of HIV and STDs


HIV and other STDs are easily spread from one partner to another, but STDs are preventable. The best way to prevent getting or spreading an STD is to be responsible about your sex life. Protect yourself and your partner.

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Sometimes it can be hard to tell if you need to get tested for an STD. If you or your partners have any of the symptoms of an STD — or if you’re worried at all that you may have contracted one — you should go ahead and do it.

Where to Get Tested

last updated June 30, 2023